Photo What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

Religion differs from spirituality in many aspects. However, both go toward the same objective, which is inner peace. Whichever it is, once you have found what you have been looking for, it is what matters the most. But to help you choose which to follow in your search for inner peace, you should know those differences.

They are practiced differently

Religion is a system which incites us to believe in an only God. To put it into practice, you need to follow some rituals, participate in cults and most importantly, you have to respect some ethics. In contrast, spirituality combines many things.

  • Beliefs,
  • Attitudes
  • As well as required rituals to reach the spiritual world without having to respect any specific rules.

Whether it is the one or the other, the aim is to set up an inner well-being, the inner tranquility that Prem Rawat has recommended all his life. The difference is that spirituality looks for it through human knowledge, whereas religion is based on someone's experience.

Religion is a dogma

In religion, we have faith and hold beliefs in divine revelations. It is mainly based on the belief that God exists. And in order to reach inner peace, it is mandatory to go through such different steps as baptism and forgiveness of sins. To maintain a very good relationship with God in a religion, you have to follow some rituals including going to church regularly, having the children baptized, getting married and especially following and respecting the holy scriptures in the bible.

Unless you keep such rules, it is difficult to be in good terms with God. In other words, with religion, you are guided toward to the road to follow so that you could be near the divinity.

Spirituality gives freedom

In this field, you are not subjected to any rule. You can freely choose which route to follow to become nearer to God. Prem Rawat, the advocacy of peace, is in favor of spirituality. He maintains the idea that everyone is free to carefully decide on the best way to attain inner tranquility.

The only regulation within this spiritual practice is behavior. Most of the time, proponents of spirituality proceed through actions. It enables you to discover your own way toward your faith.

The experience from religion and spirituality are different

Religion is mostly based on the biography of a divine being or a prophet, and their life story is written in a holy book. It describes the steps that they had covered to fully become illuminated. As a result, anyone who observes the same religion will go along the routes covered by the previous religious figure, if they want to become nearer to God.

On the contrary, spirituality is the fundamental way to go toward any religion. In other words, spirituality is the leading factor for anyone to know the truth and, eventually, to firmly hold a belief. In spirituality, what matters the most consists in the discovery of what is right, rather than history.