Photo Focus on messengers and ambassadors of peace

Focus on messengers and ambassadors of peace

Some people have devoted their lives in order to settle peace. Such is the case of Prem Rawat, who is a fervent defender of peace, who has been chosen 4 times as the ambassador of peace. In his struggle for harmony, other people have equally achieved far better work. Let us remember who they are?

Nelson Mandela: the defender who suffered from 27 years of incarceration

Nelson Mandela is an iconic figure which first comes to mind in the struggle for peace. He had struggled against the apartheid for so many years to speak out against the discrimination between the white and the black. In 1962, he was arrested by the South African police force and was condemned to forced labor for life. And even in captivity, which was by no means exempt from torture, he never renounced to his conviction.

He never refrained from his struggle against racial discrimination. Nevertheless, he was set free 27 years after his incarceration and received the Nobel peace prize in 1993. The following year, he became the president of South Africa, being the first colored person in power.

Malala Yousafzai, the underaged adolescent who drastically changed the world

The Pakistanis lady who is now 20 years old has already made a long journey in the fight for peace. At the age of 11, she made a testimony about her way of life under the rule of the Taliban. 

  • On the outset, she anonymously published her life story on a blog of the BBC. 
  • Then, her identity was revealed someone tried to assassinate her.

Her head and neck were seriously wounded and she was in a coma. Later on, she took the lead in the struggle for the children whose rights for education had been violated. Her action is equally very much supported by Prem Rawat, the fervent warrior of peace, who supports that in order to live in a peaceful world, everyone has the right to go to school.

The former U.S. president Barack Obama is an iconic figure in the field

The charisma and magnetism of the previous American leader were based on his ability to reinforce diplomacy and to boost cross-border cooperation all over the world. Owing to his efforts, many wars and conflicts failed to happen. Besides this, some countries which used to be enemies have reconciled with each other. As a result, he was honored as a Nobel Peace Prize winner only a few months after being elected. That symbolizes that people on earth put their trust in him as a good messenger of peace.

Who has not known the renowned mother Teresa?

This religious figure who was also known as the Saint of Calcutta is a symbol of peace in the whole world. She started as a teacher in India, and then devoted her life to the needy and the sick. At that time, she gave lessons in the streets in India. Later, she created schools in the shantytowns and took care of seriously ill patients.

In 1950, she initiated the congregation of the missionaries of the Charity with many young girls who chose her as a model of goodness. Her activities were published in the media, which helped her to make many acquaintances throughout the world. She was appointed a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1979, but she dedicated it to the poor.